Blackmouth Games
Based in Madird, Spain

Founding date:
September 2017


Press / Business contact:


Calle de Canillas, 81
Madrid, Community of Madrid
28002, ES


Blackmouth Games is a game studio based in Madrid, Spain. We've been making games since 2017, mostly as contractors and outsourcers. Home: Hit N' Rush is our first full in house developed game. An interdisciplinary team of developers, Blackmouth Games is an indie studio born to innovate and create a new approach to next generation online games. Making use of the latest technology to create enticing worlds, full of life, we're focused on delivering a new generation of graphics in an immersive multiplayer experience.

HOME: Hit N'Rush

In HOME: Hit N' Rush, the player will portray a Gifted, a soldier heir of the Kabara and the Balae, antique civilizations that were forced to leave the continent. The Gifted, teamed up in groups of three, are designated in the old continent, now known as The Outbreak, with two goals: gather materials for the colonies and clean up the area of Rovers. The Rovers are feral mutants that wander at will in The Outbreak. The only way to exterminate them is activating The Pulse, a powerful device invented by the Balae that can eradicate them, but it also affects the Gifted. To avoid being wiped out every few minutes, the Gifted will have to hide in Domes that will appear randomly through the map. The Gifted will have to fight other Strike Teams for the absolute control of the map, but in case you perish, you'll get another chance in the Ghost World, a brief second round where you'll fight for the right of stay in the game. The early access release will be available at the end of the year in Steam, but Blackmouth Games will release a semi-open alpha version along with a Early Adopter pack with all kinds of perks of HOME for the ones who test and support the game in the early stages.

PVP Third-person shooter:

Fight with every weapon available and gather key resources. A fast-paced third-person shooter in a massive world. Three-person teams will have to fight until they are the only team alive.


Thousands of feral mutants called Rovers are roaming the world. They might fall easily one by one under your firepower and powerful melee attacks, but not when they come in hordes.

The Pulse:

If you're not under a Dome when The Pulse starts you will die, slowly and painfully' The Outbreak is a dangerous place, and every few minutes the mortal Pulse will wipe up the entire map.


Find shelter from The Pulse in the Domes. With every Pulse they will appear in different places on the map, so you will have to explore quickly to find them before time runs out!

Ghost World:

If you die in The Outbreak your soul will enter the Ghost World, a fantastic world filled with afterlife wonders, but you may still have a chance to come back to life.

Soul companions:

Part of your soul is bound to a device called Soul Companion that will help you come back to life from the Ghost World.

Surprise your enemies:

Jetpacks, powerful melee weapons, sharpshooting long-range weapons, hidden spots. Use everything at your disposal to ambush and kill your enemies. Mobility is key in HOME: Hit N' Rush.


In HOME: Hit n' Rush we want you to feel cool, and to play the way you want, so we are going to offer thousands of possibilities to customize your playstyle and your looks. Every player is different, and every match should be different too.


HOME: Hit N'Rush - Pre-alpha Gameplay 2020 YouTube



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