Blackmouth Games
Based in Madird, Spain

Founding date:
September 2017


Press / Business contact:


Calle de Canillas, 81
Madrid, Community of Madrid
28002, ES


Blackmouth Games is a game studio based in Madrid, Spain. We've been making games since 2017, mostly as contractors and outsourcers. Hit N' Rush is our first full in house developed game. An interdisciplinary team of developers, Blackmouth Games is an indie studio born to innovate and create a new approach to next generation online games. Making use of the latest technology to create enticing worlds, full of life, we're focused on delivering a new generation of graphics in an immersive multiplayer experience.

Hit N'Rush

Hit N' Rush is a Battle Royale, third-person shooter on planet Earth in a not too distant future. Humans organize tournaments to prove their greatness and power to the community. Only the bravest  will join the great offensive against the common enemy, the Rovers. The Battles take place in a hostile terrain called “The Outbreak”.

After a few minutes in battle, the pulse will eliminate every human being which is not in the protection of the domes, so rush and find your place in one of the multiple energy domes that are throughout The Outbreak. Aside from the other teams, you'll find amorphous-looking mutants called Rovers all over The Outbreak, protecting desired loot. Fight them and take your reward, but be careful. They will use their claws and energy beams to protect the loot at all costs.

If you survive the fierceness and competitiveness of The Outbreak, you will proclaim yourself as a true warrior capable of facing the main threat to humanity, however, there are many challenges that you will have to overcome to achieve such status. Only the most courageous will survive. Climb the rankings and reach glory. Rushers possess a mysterious power capable of anchoring the existential physical plane in a state of consciousness between life and death. In the ghost world their soul is freed and you must survive the fight against other souls. As a ghost soul you are vitally linked to your teammates. The only way to resurrect is to be in a dome with your team during the pulse.

Over time additional Rushers, weapons and elements are sent to the battleground to support the Rusher Teams (by human leagues). But be careful! The supplies allow other combatants to equip as well, so be fast to get what is yours before it is taken by your enemies.

Saving humanity is your cause , the fame of the warrior the consequence.


Hit N' Rush - Alpha Gameplay Trailer 2021 YouTube


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