[DevBlog #4] New name, new Dev philosophy. - Blackmouth Games

[DevBlog #4] New name, new Dev philosophy.

24 febrero 2021

Hit N’ Rush, our new beginning. Since I started as Game Producer […]

Hit N’ Rush, our new beginning.

Since I started as Game Producer in Blackmouth Games I tried to change the team’s mind in order to make stable foundations and start working from those before adding new mechanics or content, looking always to the future.

The infamous COVID19, that was one of the reasons why the studio had slowed down for a while during 2020. But.. Here we are again!! WE just launch the Alpha Early Access in Feb 2021, a huge update to the game, in comparison to what we had some time ago as you can see in our YouTube Channel. 

Those more than four months of the studio activity were a hard work time. mainly on performance, Backend and internal methods for increasing the content really fast from now.

It doesn’t mean that the game is full of content… NOT YET BABY! we are still in one of the earliest versions of our game, it means that the structure is strong enough to add a lot of mechanics, map improvements and other coolcontent. Believe me if I say to you that this game in 6 months from now it will feel like a different game.

On the other hand,we are even more capable than before to create new content apart from the possibility to add new team members which increase workforce and that strong structure.

Now, even though we were focused on that stability, we are also working on the future mechanics of Hit N’ Rush. We have a plenty of things to show you on the next updates!

We will keep on posting this kind of devblogs from now so we can keep you briefied about the status of the game.

Stay safe please!

Carlos Peralta  – Game Producer

A new beginning