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24 mayo 2021

Hello Rushers! Welcome to the first #HNRNews week, every monday you will […]

Hello Rushers! Welcome to the first #HNRNews week, every monday you will have all Hit N’ Rush news, competitions results and much more.


We introduce you to our new weekly agenda, you can find all our content in our social media.

  • Monday: #HNRNews – All the news about the game, results, patches, new events and ambassadors, etc.
  • Thursday: #StreamRushers – We will visit the streaming of those Rushers that mention us in social media and we will give gifts to the streamer and his community.
  • Friday: #TOPRushers – We will post the TOP 3 Highlights from our “#_best-moments” Discord channel that the Rushers show us weekly.
  • Saturday: #HNRChallenge – We launch the #HNRChallenge Tournament that starts at 17:00 CEST, the Rushers could win a lot of prizes and exclusive HNR content.


The best Rushers from #HNRChallenge 4th Tournament


The last week we launched our #HNRChallenge 4th Tournament and weekly contest to win one of our amazing t-shirts, our ambassador Ballesta did streaming the last thursday playing with the community and training for the saturday #HNRChallenge. During the saturday stream Ballesta talked with our game development team to know some tips and HNR secrets to be the best Rusher.

Our ambassador Ballesta and our game development team talking during stream

Next week we will bring you more content, we wait for you, be careful with the Rovers.

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