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[DevBlog #5] – The (very) alive Hit n’ Rush World

26 marzo 2021

On the eighth day the almighty created the Rovers and the Rushers […]

On the eighth day the almighty created the Rovers and the Rushers saw that there was nothing good to come…

Our dangerous practice battlefield, The Outbreak, like any ecosystem, has evolved over time. Each member of the dev team has contributed fresh and innovative ideas to, step by step, generate an increasingly complex world with a unique and special atmosphere. On this day, we can say that we have the foundations in place, but we are still halfway there and we continue to be surprised by the progress of The Outbreak.

As developers we have faced the challenge of creating an open, multiplayer, scalable and dynamic world. These requirements have pushed us to investigate, squeeze the game engine and create our own tools without dying in the attempt.

Soon you will see a change in both the terrain and the flora of this world. We are closer to discover the past of The Outbreak, who were its first inhabitants and why we are here.

The new updates will also bring not only changes in the environment, but also in the constructions. Little clues to this great puzzle from the past. At this point in development, we have created our build system from customizable and interchangeable modules.

We want to create urban nuclei and interconnect them, so that we take action and combat to other environments, making special use of the verticality of the game to take advantage of the impulse and dash mechanics more fully

The Outbreak is not just a habitat, it is also our battlefield. We are creating a space to train you and become the best Rusher!

All this evolution not only occurs in the game, but the team itself is also growing in experience and learning new techniques, which we want to use to offer you the best possible immersive environment.

Now we hope that this world evolves and it is its inhabitants, that is, you Rushers who make it yours. Where do you want us to focus our goals? Our intention is to continue with the creation of a changing world that constantly adapts and challenges your skills.

  • Carlos Povedano, Environment Artist