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Hit n’ Rush

Hit n’ Rush is a free-to-play multiplayer shooter where you and your team will have to face other players, exterminate disgusting mutants, to get the desired loot and survive the deadly and mysterious Pulses that sweep the map every few minutes. Survive the Outbreak, fight for your survival, return from the Ghost World and bask in the own glory.

The domes

Will protect you during the Pulse. Find the closest one and seize control.

The plague of the Rovers

Has become the worst threat on the planet, destroy them or they will slay the whole humanity.

Survival and teamwork

Are vital in Hit N'Rush, you will need your teammates to achieve victory.


Hit n’ Rush is set in a post-apocalyptic future in which teams of two super-soldiers (the Rushers) clash as the last team standing in The Outbreak.

Choose from a wide variety of fierce warriors from all over the world, each with their own distinctive outfits.

Every so often new and colorful Rushers, from the existing and new factions, will be incorporated into the Hit n 'Rush universe, between these there would be no differences that affect the gameplay, they will simply be cosmetic variations, each one with its place in the story of our game in development.


The war between humans and Rover is imminent. The invasion is unsustainable. The different factions fight to recover the regions that belonged to them of the old continent, but life on Earth is impractical.

Only the best Rushers, super soldiers trained to withstand anything, will be able to participate in this conflict and be victorious. These conflicts take on special fierceness inside the domes, where the battles are concentrated, these domes will appear between waves of the dangerous Pulse, which will destroy everything in its path when it is activated.

But they won't be able to do it alone. The Rushers have to work as a team to survive and take down the Rovers, mutants of unknown origin who will not hesitate to attack the Rushers to prevent them from dominating The Outbreak.


The Outbreak is a hostile territory, ancient cradle of civilizations, which is crowded with Rovers,

Still, if you die in full offense against other teams or against the Rovers, you will have a second chance in the ghost world, find the resurrection point with your partner and return to the battlefield once more.

Put yourself in the shoes of a Rusher, join a team and prove your worth, the glory in The Outbreak lasts in time with the best heroes of the time.


Enter our Discord server to be aware of our movements

Like a Rusher, you will be able to play Hit n 'Rush before its official publication, benefit from exclusive advantages for being supportive of us since our beginnings:

  • You will have a “behind the scenes” view of the development of the game.
  • Participate in content playtesting sessions.
  • You will be able to give direct feedback to the development team about the game status
  • We will give you an exclusive skin for early supporters.

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